Dermamelan Maintenance Cream

Dermamelan Maintenance Cream

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The NEW Dermamelan Treatment Cream, now re-branded in new packaging from Mesoestetic.

Mesoestetic’s Dermamelan Treatment Cream is an extremely effective at-home cream, that has been expertly created to help reduce and prevent pigmentation and skin blemishes of melanic origin, for an even and luminous complexion.

Help treat and prevent pigmentation with Mesoestetic’s NEW Dermamelan Treatment Cream. A new evolution in the field of hyperpigmentation, this treatment cream provides a regulating action that prevents hyperpigmentation from re-appearing following the dermamelan in-clinic treatment (administered by DOCTOR'S ONLY). Tested on melasma, PIH, freckles, sun and age spots, this cream is proven to be highly effective, with noticeable results from just the first few weeks of use.

Benefits Of mesoestetic Dermamelan Treatment Cream:

• An effective skin depigmentation cream

• Reduces (or in some cases, eradicates) the appearance of dark spots

• Creates an even skin tone and improves luminosity

• Antioxidants protect against harmful free radicals

• Suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types

Active Ingredients:

Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream is an effective depigmentation cream that contains a blend of potent active ingredients that work together to brighten the skin on the face and other areas that have been exposed to the sun. Following the in-clinic treatment, (administered by DOCTOR'S ONLY) with regular and continued use, the appearance of dark spots is dramatically improved.

This hyperpigmentation cream works by preventing the overproduction of melanin, inhibiting the production for so long that the skin continues its natural regeneration process; shedding away the top layers of the skin and taking the pigmented areas with them. 

Dermamelan Cream can be used on it's own but ideally following the in-clinic Dermamelan treatment.